Nike Air Max 2016

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The Nike Air Max 2016 Was Suitably Lightweight For Many Testers. The Variety Of Colors That Are Available For This Model Made It Aesthetically Appealing, Noted Some Runners. Many Took Note That This Running Shoe Was Comfortable. Several Users Wrote That The Upper Units Fabrics Were Smooth And Non-irritating To The Skin. It Had An Adequate Width And Length, According To A Number Of Reviewers; Their Feet Acclimated Well To It. The 2016 Model Was More Superior Compared To Its Predecessor When It Came To Its Features And Service, Some Runners Commented. The Underfoot Cushioning Gained Praise For Its Springy And Responsive Performance. Air Max Running Shoe A Reviewer Wrote That The Shoe Was A Bit Heavy, But Not Cumbersome. Some Testers Stated That With The Responsive Mid-sole, The Heel-to-toe Transitions Became Smooth And Effortless.